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You'd think by now I would have devised a daily routine for myself, to maximize productivity now that I've had all this time off. But no. The temptation to spend this time all willy nilly was too great. Not to say I've gotten absolutely nothing done these past few months, (I have posts to prove it!) but I think we'd all agree that I could have done more. Way more. So starting today, I will be following my newly created schedule: Mainichi, or Everyday. (It includes an hour and a half block for resurrecting my lapsed Japanese...to think I used to know close to 200 kanji. For shame.)
Ideally I'll make at least one thing daily worthy of posting that evening. For expression's sake, I won't limit posts thematically, so there may be things included that aren't of my usual style, but it's all part of the practice. Or I might not do that, I haven't decided.
Also, if I haven't stuck to the schedule by next Friday, I'm totally deleting this paragraph.


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