summer sumi series

One of the perks of working in a bookstore for a long time is you come across lots of free paper, or in this case, a large blank book. This guy was too big for my drawing table, so I had to set up shop on the floor, which was perfect because it meant I could face the tube, which meant I could draw and watch baseball.
Crushing it.
Getting hot.
Not slouching.
Shooting the moon.
Good times.

who loves ya, baby? this guy.

watercolor + sumi

I was thinking a lot about lower lashes for some reason.

a little chalk pastel for color

All of these drawings were done in a two-ish week period in August, after I came back from hot summertime in RI. Drawing large scale with sumi ink is so fun & satisfying, I see more of these in my immediate future. I'll be bummed when I finish up this book. Hmm, where can I find another giant (free!) blank book?

graphite, colored pencil, watercolor crayon, sumi ink & prisma color marker

more watercolor crayon & a couple with sumi ink